Fletcher Mudryk LLP, Chartered Professional Accountants is proud to have been serving the Grande Prairie Area for more than 85 years.

1935. Grande Prairie is a dusty, northern farming town of 1,500. It has a hotel, a hospital, a high school, and a motion picture theatre. Slowly but surely, this small northern town is becoming a hub for the region. The Edmonton-based accounting firm of Nash & Nash recognizes this, and decides to open a branch of their firm in this small but significant town.

1968. Northern Alberta is booming. Oil is a hot commodity, and the oil-rich northern cities are taking advantage of the need in the marketplace. Nash & Nash enters into a national partnership with several other Canadian accounting firms. The new conglomerate is called Campbell, Sharp, Nash & Field. This firm is also in an agreement with the international Pannell, Kerr, Forster & Co.

1987. The Grande Prairie office of Pannell Kerr Forster, formerly Campbell, Sharp, Nash & Field, moves to be independent in our prospering community, becoming a local branch, a local firm. Our community is strong, and we choose to keep our focus local. The founding partners are: Jim Fletcher, Jim Jenner, Brian Peace, Terry Winterburn, Garry Mudryk and Wes Mudryk. We take the name Fletcher Mudryk & Co. LLP.

2020. Fletcher Mudryk is 85 years old. We remain a local firm, focusing on the needs of our community and solidifying our place within it. We value each of our clients, building strong relationships with them and earning their trust. We respect our clients, our community and our people, recognizing that each brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. We are proud of our history, and excited to see where our community will take us next.